Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Backyard habitat musings....

"One touch of nature makes the whole world kin" ~ William Shakespeare
I think of this quote daily as I watch Natures comings and goings in our backyard habitat. At this point we have a well established bird habitat, with five different feeding stations, offering a full menu including a variety of seeds, fruits & nuts, suet & nectar. We also have 4 birdbaths spread around the backyard. With the existing trees and plants, and the green space behind our property, we have created a great little spot for wildlife watching. It is amazing to me that after watching ( and tracking with journal entries ) we can almost predict the best times of day to see intense activity. It's almost like the birds have a meal schedule ( much like humans ) :) We enjoy our yearlong residents , who faithfully show up daily for a meal ~ but are very excited when we have a migratory or seasonal visitor. Right now we have our thistle feeder full and very active with the beautiful American Goldfinches here for winter.
Another fun first sighting recently was a Mockingbird perched on the suet feeder having a snack! As our state bird, I see them all around all the time, but we had never observed one at any of our feeders until this sighting.