Friday, May 20, 2011

Sweet May Mornings

"While earth herself is adorning this sweet May morning..." ~ W Wordsworth

Already half way through this sweet month of May. Busy - busy at school with end of year events, grades, portfolios etc. BUT - still able to enjoy so many perfect days. Landscapes all abloom, beautiful weather ( tho we could use some rain at night :) ) and so many Beatrix Potter mornings in our backyard habitat. As our perennials emerge and flower theses past few weeks, we have also planted our annuals for both added color and to help nurture our pollinators. At our feeding stations we are going through seed and nectar much faster then norm and are rewarded by evidence of a number of nesting pairs. We have witnessed fledglings & juveniles for Cardinals, Purple Finches, and Downy Woodpeckers for sure. It is so interesting to watch as these babies learn the" how to's" of their species. One of the funniest sightings is to watch the young finches try to land on and feed from the nectar feeders ...... not only do they teeter precariously as they try to perch, but their thick seed cracking beaks can not "sip" any nectar - yet they keep trying. Another sweet sighting was a "dad" Downy actually feeding a fledgling on the suet feeder. Dad would grab some seed & suet, soften it up and then feed junior.
   Watching from my kitchen window or sitting quietly on the back porch and feeling connected to all of the life in the green space - even for just a few minutes - is such a source of joy as well as an immediate stress reliever.  Then there is the inspirational value, which shows up in both my writings and my Art !!
   I offer you these words from an old Welsh verse and encourage you to find some joy "amid the woods"~

"An angel mid the woods of May~
Embroidered it with radiance gay~
That gossamer with gold bedight~
Those fires of God - those gems of light. "