Monday, March 15, 2010

A Season's Dawn ...

True to the wonders of Mother Nature , here we are at 6 weeks since groundhog day ! This past weekend we have started to "save daylight" and this coming weekend we celebrate the Vernal equinox ~
that twice a year short period of time when the sun is exactly vertical to earth above a point on the equator.
Four times a year we have a solar herald to a season with 2 solstices and 2 equinoxes.
If the winter solstice signals the birth of the sun, then the spring equinox exclaims the birth of the earth. A resurrection of nature from the deep sleep of winter, where all around life breaks new ground with bulbs, shoots & buds bursting forth. 
Yesterday I spotted my first dragonfly ~ my totem ~and last week I had to shoo a few honey bees away from my classroom door. ( My classroom is in a portable )  Last week, also, a group of my 8Th graders and I did some sketchbooking of signs of spring in the grotto area of our school campus, such a joy!  
So I encourage you to join me and stop, look, and listen to the dawning of spring ~ a time of rebirths in us and around us, and mindfulness of the present.  Seek and celebrate!