Friday, April 22, 2011

Metamorphosis & Earth Day

Metamorphosis ~ from the Greek word for "transformation" ~ is a biological process of marked changes in form & physical appearance from the immature to the adult. This often happens in stages like the complete metamorphosis of Lepidoptera.

Yesterday, April 21,2011, was a marker day :) Not only did it mark 32 years of marriage for me, but also it marked the completion of a metamorphosis. Yes, a BEAUTIFUL & fully formed healthy looking Black Swallowtail butterfly emerged from it's crysalis !!
This little adventure of a shared Nature journey began on Sat. April 2 when I found a caterpillar on one of the herb plants I had purchased that morning in our local Farmer's Market. As the bird activity in our backyard habitat was very high, I decided to breakout my Classroom Observatory setup and nurture the caterpillar inside. Was rewarding for me to observe the stages - from "very hungry caterpillar" to crysalis formation, and now butterfly birth.
My mantra of "Walk with Nature, Talk with Art" has been fully satisfied once again with this little experience...... AND I consider it a special gift that butterfly emerged on the earlier side of typical timeline so that it could grace my Anniversary with it's beauty!!
Today is Earth Day 2011 with a theme of "A Billion Acts of Green"and my butterfly release was one of mine. May you each find a way to "morph"today - be it reaching a goal,  completing a project, increasing your knowledge, or adding to the reduction of your personal carbon footprint in some way !!

Happy Earth Day ~ walk with nature, her paths are peace .

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Village Lanes & Farmer's Markets

"From dewey lanes at morning,
Village Lane           watercolor on 140lb.paper  ~ eakf
the grapes sweet odors rise, 
at noon the roads all flutter
with yellow butterflies......."
Helen Hunt Jackson (1830-1888)
    As we leave March and enter April, I revel in more things spring ~ the joys & wonders of.........

During our recent visit to Hill Country, we happened upon a number of open air markets ~ both Farmer's & Arts, and thoroughly enjoyed strolling through all. It was, however, a bit frustrating to see (but not be able to purchase) many of the delicious looking freshly grown produce because we were on the road. So-o-o....... when our local Spring Farmer's Market started up again ( this past weekend) I was there early with my basket in hand ! The weather was kind & I enjoyed catching up with some of my favorite vendors & checking out the new ones.
The market basket came home full, with fresh salad greens & fruits, some new "limited edition" handmade soaps ( vanilla orange) and some potted herb plants among other things. The bonus was discovering that my new fennel plant had a swallowtail caterpillar on it !!! Now the question was to plant or not to plant? Due to the high bird activity in our backyard habitat, I decided to resurrect my "classroom butterfly observation" container and nurture the caterpillar through it's stages inside. Today is day 4 from purchase and caterpillar has more than doubled in size :) & there are new shoots on the fennel plant so things are win- win right now.
      Connect this story with the fact that on Saturday I am involved in the official Grand Opening of our new Nature Center with the theme being "Celebrating Butterflies" and you can feel the serendipity. I do find it so interesting how things often tie together ~ if only we look for the threads !!
   So as I continue my love affair with "things spring" and focus on celebrating the beauty of Lepidoptera ~ my wish is for you to stroll down your own Village Lanes and find joy in the wonders of Nature.
Till again.......