Monday, March 21, 2011

Welcome Spring

"Slayer of the winter,art thou here again ?
O welcome, thou that bring'et the summer nigh!"    ~ W.M.Morris

Signs of Spring                            5"X7" watercolor sketchbook page - eakf
Yesterday, March 20, 2011, was officially the first day of Spring :)  ~ one of the 4 temperate seasons,welcomed as the transition from winter to summer, and typically linked to ideas of rebirth, renewal, and re-growth.
At this time of the year, the axis of the earth increases it's tilt toward the sun yielding longer & warmer days triggering the messages of new growth and new life in Earth's flora & fauna. A "Signs of Spring" hike is a great activity right now.
Metaphorically, Spring embodies ideas of fresh starts, new possibilities, and renewed hopes/ dreams as evidenced by the many Spring festivals & celebrations around the world. Creatives respond to the season with beautiful paintings, poetry, photography, prose and on........
I, for one,  have just returned from a wonderful & inspiring Spring break in the Hill Country of Texas, and am eager to incorporate those experiences into my art.

May you, too, gain energy from Spring's beauty and message of renewal !

Monday, March 14, 2011

el Sol

Rise N' Shine                                                  watercolor on 140lb. cold press / eakf
"How glorious a greeting the sun gives the mountains" - John Muir
This weekend we "sprang ahead" to accomplish DST 2011 (daylight saving time). So what is it about sunlight that has us wanting to "save" it ? The origin of DST stems from a suggestion made by our very own Benjamin Franklin in one of his essays
(An Economical Project -1734 ) ..... and would you believe that energy conservation was the objective !!
 In reality what happens is that we transfer, in effect, an hour's worth of daylight from early morning when only milkmen and roosters are awake to appreciate it, shifting it to then push back sunset (at least as far as our timepieces are concerned), giving the masses more usable daylight.
    Admittedly, loosing an hour of sleep the night we advance our clocks, isn't fun ~ but the benefits of seemingly longer days, especially now that Spring is bringing milder weather and the beauty of all her awakenings, far outshines a few lost 
Z-Z-Z-'s. Personally I embrace the warmth of the sun and the extended time to savor it.

Carpe diem !!!