Saturday, June 11, 2011

Primitive Wisdom

"It came upon my mind to clear........." - Anne Gillis
Ancient Echos I ~ watercolor sketch 2011 ~ eakf
~ that to go forward we must first go back !

Why are we often drawn to the past ~ seeking to unlock the mysteries of the ancients & their ways ? What were their lives really like ? and perhaps, most importantly, how did they "make sense" of the wonders & perils of the world around them ?

  What Primitive Wisdom did they call upon ?
In researching this and drawing inspiration from the early marks of man still found (globally) etched & stained into cave walls & rock faces ~ like ancient echos ~ a new series of ATC's are now in the works.
One significant "primitive wisdom" insight for me kept emerging in the idea of "Listening Deeply".
 Seeking answers & direction in any area of one's life is all about listening deeply to ........ a higher power, our true inner selves, and the ecological web (including fellow man). So this series of ATC's, though simple & primitive, will hold that message. Have you tried your hand at ATC's yet ? Are you ready to "trade" ?  :)  Either way, I'll sign off today with another thought provoking echo from the past ~

"Wisdom begins in Wonder "  ~ Socrates

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