Friday, July 27, 2012

Mind the Gap

Introduced in 1969 on the London Underground - "Mind the Gap" signs & audio serve as a caution of a possible larger than normal gap (space) between the platform & train in certain areas of the system. Over time, this phrase has been adopted in Metros around the world.
I use it here to help me begin to bridge the gap in time since my last blog post, and to establish a new energy as I blog forward. Of course, life & some Art continued to happen during the "space", with the most significant piece being my decision to retire from teaching in the formal education system. As of June 4, 2012, I am retired ( Oh my !) I admit to mixed feelings here, as I will miss the wonders of a classroom, BUT am very ready to give up plan books, grading, testing, and early morning alarm clocks !!
So, I now stand at a crossroad with new thresholds before me, and am excited to have time to develop "back burner" ideas and head in the direction of my dreams...... hope you stay posted.

Where are you on your path ?

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